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Nail Watch.

02/08/2013 12:14
Nails are a huge part of woman's beauty regime, whether you stick to nude and french tips or like to venture out into different colours & patterns - they are all fab. For me personally when my nails are nicely done I feel a lot more put together especially since I like to talk with my hands,...


31/07/2013 10:58
My new love ♥ ANKLE BOOTS !!! Ankle boots or booties have become very popular in the last few years and I have become a huge fan of them. With the ability to style them up or down I believe every woman should own a pair of ankle boots. For those not so sure about them I would recommend starting off...

Holiday WishList.

21/07/2013 12:16
Travelling and holidays I believe are an essential part of life. They expose you to different cultures, languages, traditions and give a feeling that no other experience can. Like most young people it is my ambition to travel the world, not just in the name of a holiday but also for work and...


18/07/2013 20:17
Black. A simple, classic colour that every woman's wardrobe has in common. I don't think I have ever come across anyone who didn't have something black in their closet & here are just a few reasons why... Black has a slimming effect. I don't know how but on those days when you're not feeling as...

Tunnel Vision.

15/07/2013 20:05
So I started this article initially writing about reorganising & unpacking, but thats kinda boring :/ so onto a better topic - MUSIC :D. Justin Timberlake has been my babes since the good old days of N'Sync, that curly blonde hair & Britney Spears and now he's turned into one fine specimin...

My First Attempt.

14/07/2013 21:30
Have you ever seen a girl/woman walking down the road & thought 'OMG she looks amazing, how does she do it ?!' Well I have so many times and whilst I've seen the miracles of make-up, (I've seen girls transform into completely different people), I've always pretty much stuck to the same thing:...

Maxi Dresses.

14/07/2013 01:20
Its summer. You wake up with the sun shining through the window, unable to stay a morning grouch because its such a beautiful day. Unless you're being a lazy bum, you get up, have breakfast(doesn't matter if its 1pm, your first meal is still breakfast) & have a nice long shower. Now - what to...
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