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Beautiful Bobs.

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I have to start with a little bit of a rant! Look at those awful ads on my beautiful blog :( It actually makes me upset. Turns out webnode has a limit for monthly traffic & mine is exceeding that so it was either the ads or pay to upgrade to premium. I ♥ my blog too much to relocate so I'll upgrade however whilst I'm gathering the willpower to give over my money - I'll just have to put up with the ads. Sorry guys !
Right now on todays topic....


The Bob.
The bob is back with avengance!! Actually - to be honest I don't actually think the bob went anywhere, all over the globe (including celebrity land), women are sporting gorgeous bobs but now it seems its popularity is steadily creeping back up. 
There are so many types of bobs out there that the options are endless & it is very easy to find a bob haircut that will suit your personality, your lifestyle and also your taste! 
Some examples of bobs being sported are shown in the picture above ^^.
The Asymmetic(al) Bob.
Sported by Beyonce herself not long after she debuted her pixie cut, the asymmetric bob is a great way to add some edge into your life. People classify different cuts as asymmetric bobs so its difficult to find a clear definition however I count any bob which has one side longer than the other as an asymmetric bob. This is a perfect cut for women who don't want a typical bob! Here are some more examples....
This bob ^^ is also an example of our next type.

The Long Bob.
The long bob or the lob became the staple of Victoria Beckham many years ago and ever since it has turned up all over the place. This bob is perfect for women who wish to keep a lot of their length and want the versitility of longer hair. I love this kind of bob because it can be styled in so many ways & can still be thrown up in a ponytail on those bad hair days. Diane Kruger (top picture) has a cut that frames her face beautifully & here are some more examples...

I have a love hate relationship with bangs (♥ on other people, hate on me), but a classic bob with bangs can take a person from dull & boring to high fashion. Your face shape will determine which bangs will suit you best but I don't think bangs are for everyone. When styled and cut well like Rita Ora's (top picture) they can be amazing and definitely add some mystery to your look.

The wavy bob is not neccessarily a type of cut (unless your hair is wavy) but is an amazing styling option. I love wavy bobs, they are casual yet chic at the same time and I think they bring an element of youth to the women who sport them. Whether you braid your hair to get waves or use a curling iron, the look is always amazing. Jessica Szohr's bob is just gorgeous & I also love the ombred ends *lovestruck face*!!

A bob haircut can easily fall into one or more of these categories & also so many others so if you are thinking about getting a bob cut - DO YOUR RESEARCH! Make sure you know exactly what you want and take a picture to your hairdresser for guidance. Remember the three C's from one of my previous posts... Cut, Colour, Certain ?

For those of you who love your locks too much to even consider cutting, why not try out a faux bob? They are a great way to change up your look for a day without shedding any hair. There are many tutorials on how to get a faux bob on youtube so look around !!

Both Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift have lovely examples of a faux bob.

So many bobs so little time. Finally there is one person who is also sporting a bob ...

(urgh those spots !!)
MEEE :) I'm officially team Bob & loving it! ♥

Before I leave I thought I'd show you a picture of my nails this week since so many people loved my last tutorial.

That's all for today. What do you think of bobs - ♥ or hate?! 
I finally got my life together & figured out how to use Disqus - so make sure you leave a comment xx
Stay blessed.

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