30 Day Challenge.

10/08/2013 18:51


Being in the middle of Summer, (or maybe at the end who knows), you'd think the hype for getting a summer body would be over right? Wrong!
I literally just got in from the gym and it is as packed as always. Now of course there are those people who want to be fit and healthy and blah blah blah - I do want to be one of them one day *fingers crossed* - but there's still a large proportion of people just working for their "summer bod". I am no exception to this, yes I do want to live a healthier lifestyle but this hardcore gyming I'm doing is mainly for one purpose ... My holiday! I'm off to Spain next month & I need to be killing it on the beach!!

Eating healthily and working out religiously is the obvious method for toning up/slimming down however there are also a lot of quick fixes around & the latest one (well at least I've only seen it recently) is the 30 day challenge.






Now there are bunch of 30 challenges ^^ targeting all kinds of things. The one I'm doing at the moment is a combination of the squat & crunch challenge so I'm basically doing both at the same time & whilst it may be a quick fix it most certainly is not easy. I just completed day 13 and I am absolutely knackered but I know the results will be worth the sweat & pain!
Now people - although alone this may cause some changes in your body, it'll be a lot more significant if you also incorporate some sort of cardio into your routine and that doesn't necessarily mean in the gym. As well as this keep your eating as clean as possible & you'll definitely see a change - I definitely have!!!!
So go and get your workout on & stay blessed.


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