31/07/2013 10:58

My new love ♥ ANKLE BOOTS !!!
Ankle boots or booties have become very popular in the last few years and I have become a huge fan of them. With the ability to style them up or down I believe every woman should own a pair of ankle boots. For those not so sure about them I would recommend starting off with a basic all black pair that can go with practically everything and for those already in love with the trend I'd say experiement!! Colours, materials, heel size, patterns - all of these can be played around with when it comes to ankle boots.


One thing I have to stress on when buying ankle boots or even shoes in general is size! Clothes that are too big or too small, although not recommended, can be altered or worn in a way to disguise the odd fit however shoes can't be! If a pair of shoes and particularly boots is too big or small you will suffer the whole time whilst wearing them. I am tired of seeing women whose feet have been squeezed into a pair of shoes so tight I swear I can see their toes screaming for help! Ladies - please wear the right size shoes it makes the shoe look alot better on when it actually fits. If you have feet that are different sizes in different stores make sure you try before you buy just to be safe.


For women who fall into the petite category of 5ft4 and under like me, I'd definitely opt for a pair of ankle boots with a bit of a heel. Anything between 1-3 inches I think is acceptable for a casual look and anything higher is a bit more dressy. Obviously everyone has a preference so if you're super tall but love super high heels go for it & if your super small and hate heels stick with flat boots - as long as you're comfortable in them and walk with confidence you'll look hot !


My love for ankle boots started quite recently actually but it grows rapidly everyday because of how versatile they are. If you're not sure how to style your boots,  I have created a lookbook using the three ankle boots I own to give you a few different ideas that may help. Bare in mind I am not a stylist and these are just looks I've come to love on myself or that I've seen look good on other people.




These boots are actually from Ebay and were around £10 I think. I love the colour because tan nowadays goes with most things. They are very comfortable & have a heel of about 2 inches. 

Wear With:



I can't actually remember where these boots are from but I have seen similar pairs in New Look and Risky. Studs and spikes on shoes are very popular right now & I think they just turn these boots from drab to fab. The heel height on this pair is about 1.5'', super comfortable & fun at the same time.

Wear With:


This pair is actually my fav - iLOVE these ! They were a gift from New Look for £24.99 (shoes & bags are definitely where you should splurge). I ♥ the cut out detail on the boots which is also something that is trending right now & the 3" heel makes this versitile for a day/night look depending on your own style.

Wear With:

This is probably not going to be the last post on ankle boots as styles are always changing. I absolutely recommend them - if you just don't feel comfortable in these styles of shoes then thats completely fair, (My bff thinks they look good but doesn't like them on herself ... I'm working on it !), but just don't knock it til you try it .

For those interested in them, I'd say shop around & try em out. There's a photo gallery of some booties I want to add to my collection with their prices & where they're from so check it out.

Stay blessed


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