Beyonce's HairCut.

08/08/2013 15:11

Yesterday I saw the media go crazy and my instagram feed clogged up because :O :O "Queen Bey" has cut her hair !!!! How can the world be so obsessed with one person it's actually crazy!

 I have to say though it does look gorgeous and its definitely about time Beyonce changed her look. This short pixie cut is of course a lot easier and quicker to manage which is very important due to her new motherly duties. 



When getting a new haircut I think there are three 'C's to consider.


The type of haircut you get can determine whether you look drab or fab. Look into cuts that will suit the shape of your face, the texture of your hair & the time you're willing to spend on maintenance.


Beyonce has been sticking to blonde hair since the early days of Destiny's child with her blonde plaits. Find the colour that suits you skintone best. Maybe add highlights/lowlights to enhance your natural colour or go with a completely different colour all together. 


A haircut can be a drastic change (if you're cutting your own hair not your weave!) & obviously with the magic of hair extensions/weaves/wigs if you don't like it there are ways to imitate other hairstyles but make sure you are sure about the haircut even if you are cutting your weave. Once it's gone its gone & it'll take a while to grow back (or to buy some new hair extensions) !!



 photo a9eebad6-7bf3-4ba5-a389-7031725c356c_zpsbd6e806b.jpg
Sorry for the bad image quality.


I have tried short hair before & whilst I did love it at the time I can't see myself going back anytime soon - but who knows.
Never Say Never.

Stay Blessed.


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