18/07/2013 20:17

Black. A simple, classic colour that every woman's wardrobe has in common. I don't think I have ever come across anyone who didn't have something black in their closet & here are just a few reasons why...

Black has a slimming effect. I don't know how but on those days when you're not feeling as confident with your body, or you just want to appear 2 sizes smaller, wearing black seems to do the trick. It can also be co-ordinated with every colour/pattern very easily - take a simple black top/skirt/pair of trousers & pair with a patterned/coloured counterpart and you can't go wrong. And finally it has a sophisticated feel to it. If you find a piece of clothing available in different colours the black one always looks the most polished & classic.

So I'm sure you can agree that black clothing is a neccessary part of every woman's style but what about going out in all black ?
All black clothing for many years was mainly associated with goths/emos/funeral attire but in recent years this is all changing. All black has become chic and stylish with many woman using coloured accessories such as handbags and shoes to add a pop of personality. The problem is with summer finally deciding to show up, black is usually the last thing people turn to because of the heat it keeps in but here are three tricks to keeping this to a minimum.

  1. Keep it light - stick to materials like cotton, linen and chiffon.
  2. Show some flesh, (not too much unless you're on the beach), pair long skirts with bandeau tops, invest in shorts & short sleeves.

The all black trend is embraced by many women this summer & there is an outfit for every occasion so in spirit of 'keeping it light' I will leave you here with some pictures of my interpretation of the trend this week.
Stay blessed


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