Holiday WishList.

21/07/2013 12:16

Travelling and holidays I believe are an essential part of life. They expose you to different cultures, languages, traditions and give a feeling that no other experience can. Like most young people it is my ambition to travel the world, not just in the name of a holiday but also for work and enrichment. Whilst I can't deny I love to relax on the beaches, sipping pina coladas whilst soaking in the sun - I also want to make a difference. This of course is easier said than done with money & time being the main obstacles so I want to conduct a wishlist.

Starting off with 5 countries/cities I wish to visit, as time goes on I hope to cross these places off the list & in turn replace them with new ones. Obviously a challenge like this will take a lifetime but I think this is a step in the right direction. But before looking to the future I should probably reflect on the past & talk about places I already have visited....


Being originally from Ghana, (British Born, Ghanaian Bred), it seems almost mandetory to visit here. For those who don't know it is located in West Africa with neighbouring countries such as Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Togo and a range of languages are spoken including Ga,Twi and Ewe. Enough of the history lesson though LOL. As a place to visit Ghana is beautiful. Like every country it has its slums and it has its rich areas but generally there is a lot to see, a lot to learn and ALOT to eat ♥!


It truely is the city of love ♥. I've been to Paris twice now & even though they weren't romantic trips - I definitely got caught up in the feeling of love (I know its cheesy right :/). The capital of France, renowned for its fashion, food & fun, is definitely a place I will be visiting again very soon. It's diversity, busy streets and relaxed vibes make Paris a favourite for many people and with so much to see there's no way you can get bored !

This beautiful island, the largest of the 7 Canary Islands, is part of Spain loacted in SouthWest Europe. I spent a week there & was mesmorised by its beauty and relaxed vibe. I have to admit Tenerife is a common holiday destination for Brits & though I did see ALOT of them there, (particularly in the clubs), it didn't take away from the culture and the Spanish vibe. Food & fun was definitely the motto here and I was lucky enough to do some amazing activities, relax and party all in one trip.

I have been to a few other places a child so my recollection of them isn't that great & I wasn't able to explore much because I was mainly there to visit family. So as you can see I have a LONNGG way to go if I am to complete this task of travelling round the world.

For now I have 5 places I am dying to see...

1. Miami
2. New York
3. Egypt
4. Portugal
5. Cyprus
I'll admit right now my reasons are mostly based on leisure and sight-seeing rather than work but you never know what could happen once I get out there. These are places people I know have visited and absolutely loved, renowned for different things I know I'd enjoy. Truth be told, I just want to see as many places as I can while I'm young and make the most of the free time I know I may not have when life gets in the way. This is my mission!
If you've been to any of the countries on my list or would like to know about where I've been feel free to leave a comment :)

This year I'll be heading to Majorca for a week :D & will keep you updated on how that goes. 
Stay Blessed


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