How To: Leopard Print Nails

19/08/2013 14:11

My best friend is OBSESSED with leopard print & whilst I'm not as dedicated to the trend I do like subtle leopard print accessories & what accessory is better than your nails?
Here's a simple step by step guide to getting these ^^^ simple leopard print tip nails.

This is what you will need....

- a clear top/basecoat (I'm using Medusa)
- two nail polish colours (I'm using Barry M's 289 Gold & 310 Mushroom)
- a nail art pen/nail polish with thin brush/cocktail stick. (I'm using Barry M's Nail Art Pen in black)

Make sure any old nail varnish is completely removed especially since majority of the nail will be clear.

Apply basecoat all over nail & leave to dry.

Apply your chosen colour to the tips of your nails - it doesn't have to be perfect since you can use the print to shape the line.
I used the mushroom colour on all my nails apart from the 4th ones which I did gold.

Paint small dots with your 2nd colour onto the tips of your nail.
Where you put them and now many is completely up to you. 
Try varying the size of the dots to make the look more interesting.

Use the nail art pen/thin brush nail varnish/ dip a cocktail stick into your chosen nail varnish and create two semi circle like shapes around two sides of each dot.
Add mini extra dots/lines in blank spaces to enhance the look.

Finally apply a topcoat and you're good to go !

Hope this was a useful post! Why not try out other simple prints/patterns? If you know any easy nail art - let me know I love trying out new things xx.
Stay blessed.


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