In Two Pieces

16/08/2013 19:15


Whether you're going to be lounging around at a beach in Majorca (that'll be me in 3 weeks *does backflip!!) or just headed to your local swimming pools, swimwear is an essential aspect and nowadays it's also a massive fashion statement. Gone are the days where it's acceptable to wear umbro unflattering swimming costumes (unless you're in a swimteam & thats your uniform :/). Every woman now will be able to find a swimsuit that will flatter her body, make a statement & make her want to strut!
When it comes to the perfect swimsuit, body shape is the most important thing to consider. Once you've established that then you can consider different styles, colours & cuts that will suit your shape and pick one of the three types of swimwear avaiilable... bikini/tankini/one piece ?

The ultimate 'Im confident with my body' act for me is definitely struting around in a bikini. Bikini's expose EVERYTHING so you definitely have to invest in the right one to make you look your best. It's a difficult one though because you end up with women who strut around in bikinis but have a lot hanging out & one the one hand you're thinking 'ughhh! I don't want to see that' but on the other hand you're like 'Go on girl!!'! So if you are going for the bikini option make sure it actually flatters your figure.
Things to consider...
Large Chest? - Try Halter neck bikini tops or bra like bikni tops that are cup significant.
Small Chest? - Triangle bikini tops or bandeau style bikini tops are perfect for you.


If you're bootilicious first of all congratulations ;)! Brazilian cut bikinis look great but if you want a bit more coverage opt for the classic bikini !
For wider hips I'd say bikini's that you tie at the sides are perfect!! 
Love your stomach? - Show if off in a normal two piece with a low rise bikini bottom.
Not completely comfortable with your stomach? - Try a high waisted bikini bottom for more coverage & added confidence or...

This option is perfect if you have stomach issues or just don't want to bear all ! Tankinis just like bikinis consist of two parts and picking the right kind is again very important. Tankini tops are now very versitile you can get halter neck versions, boobtube versions, plunging necklines, and more so shop arond, try things on and find the perfect one for you. The main thing to consider here is bust. Try a...
Halter Tankini Top - if you have larger breasts for added support. 
Push up Tankini Top - if you have smaller breasts that you would like to add some oomph too.
Plunging Tankini Top - if you want to show off your boobs but ensure that the top is the right size to make sure they aren't falling out.

Finally, the one piece. Previously seen as the boring option - the one piece is now hotter than ever ! With cut out sides, plunging necklines, slit middles and all sorts the one piece is definitely climbing up the hot ladder! This swimsuit is perfect for people who don't want to show off too much - you can opt for the simple one piece in a flattering colour and look classic and hot ! Or for people who do want to show a lot off but not wear a bikini - go for one of the modern day cuts they're all over the place!!! I don't have any specific tips for this one except for try before you buy especially if you're not the same size up and down!

Finally add cute sandals, some great sunglasses and a sarong if you want to cover your behind & you're good to go.
So next time you hit the beach make sure you go looking HAWT!
Stay blessed


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