05/08/2013 22:34

My Hometown ♥
Though I want to travel the world & be exposed to different cultures and different types of people ... There is no place like home.
London is such a diverse city, with a buzzing energy and a rush that makes it so hard to sit around and do nothing. The thing is I didn't actually realise how amazing it was until 1) I left to go to University in Nottingham (no offence Notts) and 2) I actually began to explore abit more. I'm originally from the EastEnd & have only recently begun venturing out to other parts of London and I love it !
For those who like me are yet to explore London properly or for anyone who is yet to come there are a few things I think everyone must do whilst here.

Home to London Fashion Week & one of the biggest fashion cities in the world, shopping in London is mandetory. 
Westfield Stratford/White City, Oxford Street & Lakeside are just a few places where you can shop til you drop.


2. EAT
London Cuisine is among the best. Whether you just fancy some fish & chips from the local chippy or want to indulge in a nice Spanish meal for dinner - the possibilities are endless.


Home to the Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace & many more beautiful landmarks you have to sight-see whilst in London.

Pretty obvious right ? But I know so many people - I used to be one of them -  who stick to the same routines, same restaurants, same areas & it gets really boring ! But London holds so much that it would be silly to not take all of it in. Now of course money plays a big part in this as travelling around London can be very expensive but every once in a while change it up & do something new. 

Stay blessed.



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