Maxi Dresses.

14/07/2013 01:20

Its summer. You wake up with the sun shining through the window, unable to stay a morning grouch because its such a beautiful day. Unless you're being a lazy bum, you get up, have breakfast(doesn't matter if its 1pm, your first meal is still breakfast) & have a nice long shower. Now - what to wear? The dilema that no woman seems able to escape from. A light tee & a pair of shorts/ a short skirt is a pretty safe bet if its crazy hot & you need as much flesh on show as possible to survive but if you haven't shaved your legs or you just want to try something different then I'd definetely recommend the maxi dress!


Maxi dresses have become a staple in the average woman's wardrobe & with the availability of petite/tall versions - every woman can enjoy the benefits of them. I personally have come to love maxi dresses although it did take me a while to try them out. The first reason I love them is comfort. All the maxi dresses I own are so comfortable to walk around in, they allow movement & sit perfectly on me (this is also due to getting the right size)!!. There are skin tight bodycon versions that aren't necessarily the most comfortable, however if you're confident enough to rock one - go for it ! Another reason I love em is their versitility. I recently wore a maxi dress with a tee on top that I had tied at the bottom & this gave me a whole new look. The maxi dress can be dressed up or down & with the option of many different styles/prints I can bet there is one for almost any occasion as well as any season - pair with some leggings underneath and a cool jacket on top & you're ready for winter. Finally my top reason for loving the maxi dress is that it looks great on EVERYONE. Assuming you find the right style/cut/print you can go from frumpy to fabulous in seconds. Petite, tall, skinny, plus size - every woman can find her perfect maxi dress & turn heads as she walks down the road! 


Here are some maxi dress inspirations including my own take on it this week. Enjoy ♥

Dress By: Meiling Fashion  Size: M    Accessories: Skinny Black Belt, Black Dolly Shoes(Next)   Model: Me
Additional Info: This dress has adjustable straps which I tucked in, (came out in the 2nd pic), to create a bandeau dress effect.