Mixing Prints.

09/08/2013 00:59

Gone are the days of matching, colour co-ordinated outfits & it's a miracle that this is the case. I don't know if it was young age or the fashion sense at the time or maybe both, but please tell me why I thought it was acceptable to go out in an outfit comprising of a red t-shirt, black shorts, red & black strips socks and black plimsols with red laces :/. Urghh! LOL well at the time I guess it was 'swag'.

Anyway moving on to today, fashion is all down to interpretation & although there are trends it is more an expression of who you are. One thing I have never been bold enough to do is mix/clash prints. The idea to me, seemed very tacky (I still had the matchy matchy thing in my head) but these days I'm all about experimenting & so yesterday threw on the outfit in the picture at the top.

The top I got last year from Primark (cheap holiday shopping) and I paired it with a dress from New Look, black tights & my beloved studded black boots from EBay. They all have black elements which I think blends the outfit together and the combo with the polka dots & flower print works surprising well. Just goes to show there are a million ways to mix and match items in your wardrobe.



Olivia Palermo - queen of clashing I think demonstrates here one of the biggest style rules 'Less is more'.
You don't necessarily have to clash two items of clothing together, a more simple way to mix prints is to incorporate different printed accessories - bags, belts, earrings, bracelets & shoes can all spice up and outfit turning it from predicatable to different very quickly. If you want to try it out with clothes but want something simple, maybe stick to the same print but different colours or similiar prints so horizontal lines with vertical lines etc.


So browse through your wardrobe & see how many combinations you can make with different prints. Everyone has their own preference so make sure you're comfortable and confident in the outfits you combine!
Stay Blessed



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