Monochrome Love.

25/08/2013 14:46
Monocrome Love.


Black & White. Two opposite ends of the colour spectrum, that when paired together create a striking look. In home decor, interacial relationships and of course fashion - this colour combination always has everyone talking. 

On Friday night I went out to what I thought would have been an amazing fashion show, but it was so bad that it's not even worth blogging about. I should have known when I realised there wasn't even a runway!! The most I will say about it is that sequins are definitely not hot!! Despite this I did get to meet some amazing people and catch up with one my good friends so it wasn't a complete waste of time. This is what I wore...

(bad lighting sorry)

- Blazer (

- Playsuit (New Look)
- Shoes (Next)

There's just something about monochrome that catches my eye and I love this outfit because it was so comfortable yet had a hint of fashionista. I got quite a few good comments about my blazer so thats always good :)!
Now I realise wearing monochrome everyday is very unrealistic & would probably lead to quite a worried looks from those close to you but I think it is definitely something that can be incorporated into the closet of every woman (and man!!). Whilst a classic white tee and black jeans is a good base for a monochrome outfit (or visa versa), nowadays there are many pieces that use both colours so keep a look our for those. 
The easiest way however to get some monochrome love in your life is through accessorising!! Whilst you may not want to have a monochrome outfit on, wearing the trend via accessories can make a bland outfit that more interesting!!

I love Solange's outfit because it has a monochrome base but she's paired it with this lovely yellow blazer to switch things up ♥! 
Switch the black shorts for denim and this outfit would be perfect for a day out with friends, you don't necessarily have to have a monochrome base to wear monochrome shoes!! 

Flats, heels, sandals, wedges ... These are all available in monochrome.


I love monochrome bags - especially little shoulder bags for when you're on the go & just need essentials! I think Jessica Alba is perfectly demonstrating that monochrome works well with other colours - which makes perfect sense because black and white are the two colours that go with everything!! 


My FAVOURITE accessory ! How amazing do Kylie Jenner's nails look ?!! ♥ If you don't want to have monochrome in your outfit at all - get it on your nails. These patterns can be quite simple with the help of some nail art pens (or a good manicurist) and you'll be free to wear whatever you like. 

What do you think of the monochrome look? I'm always on the lookout for a good monochrome item either for fashion or home decor so if you know any you think I should look into let me know. 
Noone should be deprived of monochrome love so get some in your life! 


Finally this was my date for the night (isn't she a beaut!)
Check out her blog! The Jode Look 
-- here --->

Stay blessed.



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