My First Attempt.

14/07/2013 21:30

Have you ever seen a girl/woman walking down the road & thought 'OMG she looks amazing, how does she do it ?!' Well I have so many times and whilst I've seen the miracles of make-up, (I've seen girls transform into completely different people), I've always pretty much stuck to the same thing: mascara, eyeliner & a dab of gold eyeshadow in the tearduct area if im feeling fancy. I'll admit I have always been skeptical about makeup 1) because of the fear of looking fake & 2) because of the lengthy make-up videos I've seen on youtube - aint nobody got time for that!! More recently however, I've come to appreciate make-up a lot more & consider it an art, an expression of creativity & I too want to jump on board - babysteps though.


This week I was a bit more adventurous and tried being more creative with my eyeshadow as well as a spot of foundation. Now I'm no expert & as the title says this was my 'first time' so it's nowhere near perfect but I must say I'm quite proud of myself. There's a lot I have to learn, a lot of equipment I need to get(brushes etc) but it's a journey I'm excited to be taking.

Anyway, enough rambing I should probably show you guys some pictures of how it turned out...

Like I said it's nowhere near perfect & I obviously have a lot of practising to do. As time goes on I'll try to say exactly what I did and maybe do a step by step if you want to recreate the look or just for me to remember what I actually did lool. For this particular look I honestly just played about with the different eyeshadow colours & had fun with it. I have seen a lot of YouTube videos but I'm not quite at the stage of putting that much time into it & I dont have the right brushes & stuff but I'll get there.

In case you were wondering here are the products that I used...

(Left to Right) Pearl Fashion Eyeliner Pencil (Pink Green)
NYC High Definition Volume Mascara,
Safron Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil(Black),
Miss Sport Studio Lash Liquid Eyeliner,
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse(070 Cocoa),
JR Quad Eyeshadow,
MUA Pro-Base Primer,
& I dont know the brand of the last eyeshadow sorry (you can tell I'm a newbie LOL)

Thats basically it for this post, I'll get practising and hopefully each make-up post will be better than the last :)

Stay blessed 



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