Nail Watch.

02/08/2013 12:14

Nails are a huge part of woman's beauty regime, whether you stick to nude and french tips or like to venture out into different colours & patterns - they are all fab. For me personally when my nails are nicely done I feel a lot more put together especially since I like to talk with my hands, might as well give em something nice to look at ;).

So this week I asked a few of my girlfriends to send me a picture of their nails as is, (only if they were done - those chipped & cracked nails are not the one!) & here are some that I got back.



My girls are sporting a range of trends here.

The nude colour & French tips are classic nails trends for a more simple, classy look. I think these work best if you're working in a very conservative environment but don't like bare nails as they don't draw too much attention & look good with any outfit.

The patterned nail (in this case 'birthday' nails) is great for making a statement! If you're feeling bold & out there go crazy - experiment with colours too. I love the brightness of the colours on these nails & that they are co-ordinated . Personally I dont like too many different colours on one hand unless it's a very small intricate detail.

If you don't want a crazy pattern on all your nails but don't want to stick to having them all the same opt for the 'ring finger' trend and spice up your 4th finger (I prefer my middle finger because of the symmetry) with some sparkle, a nice pattern or a completely different colour to your other nails. For me I think it looks best when the colour on the ring finger is within the same colour family as the other nails or is a neutral colour like nude or white. 

Finally the summer colours are in ♥ So many women are in the spirit of summer with fun brightly coloured nails. I think just as these girls have done, a brightly coloured nail polish can just be applied with no extra pattern or detailing needed. They can brighten up an outfit for instance if you're wearing all black or just add to an outfit if you're wearing bright colours too.

  I also noticed a lot of natural nails, not necessarily short but it looks like acryllics are falling behind abit & I for one am very grateful - I've never been a fan of those witch-like super long nails!!! I think if you go with false nails keep them at a decent length - women aren't meant to have claws unless its for a photoshoot or something along those lines.

That's all for this weeks nail watch, but I'll leave you with this...
If your nails have been chipped for more than a day either top them up or take them off. I know I'm guilty of this sometimes too but walking around with unkept nails just makes it look like you don't take care of yourself - especially if you're actually going out with friends or something. The only times it can be overlooked is if you're running errands or if you're at the gym LOL.
Stay blessed



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