Red Lips.

11/08/2013 19:15
Red Lips.
Red Lips. by sjtx featuring a lip sti ck
My Lipstick: Lasting Colour Range  by Collection2000 - Valentine.

Red Lipstick - a sign of a bold, empowered, confident woman! 
Make-Up only recently became something I'm interested in & whilst in aspects such as foundation & contouring etc I have been hesitant, lipstick is something I've come to love on me & other people ... Especially red. 
My first lipstick purchase (^^ the one im wearing in the above picture) was about 6/7 months ago & I haven't looked back. Whilst red is a very daring colour usually - in terms of lipsticks it is one of the safest options along with nude and therefore can allow you to feel comfortable whilst also making a statement. 
When it comes to getting the perfect red lip there are a few things you need to consider/do...
The shade of lipstick you choose is crucial to looking good with red lipstick on. Too bright and you may start to resemble a clown, too dark you might start to look abit washed out. Now there are loads of magazines etc that get specific and say for example: If you have fair/pale skin you should stick to reds with blue undertones or if you have darker skin you should stick to reds with yellow undertones... 
I'll be honest and say for regular people who aren't sure what these undertones are exactly the best thing to do is go to a cosmetic store/make-up store and either ask someone who works there for their expertise OR play around with some testers (that's what they're there for) & find the shade you think will suit you best but will also make you the most comfortable.
Before when I thought of lip lines I'd imagine those old school singers (I know Jennifer Lopez did this), that lined their lips with a black liner & then filled them in with a light pink ... *cringe*!
These days though lipliners are just as important as lipsticks as they define your lips a lot more and also increase the durability of your lipstick. 
Quick Tip: find a lipliner which is slightly darker than your lipstick shade, (notice I said SLIGHTLY), line your lips with it and then fill your lips in too with the liner before you actually apply your lipstick.
So as well as shades you also have to consider whether you want a matt red or a shiny one. Again they both give off different looks; a matte red is more serious & sophisticated whilst a shiny red can be more playful and fun. You could choose a particular shade of red lipstick and have one glossy version and one matte version for different occasions or just buy a matte lipstick and if you want to make it shiny apply a layer of lipgloss on top. This an also be achieved by putting some Vaseline on your lips before adding lip liner/stick.
Not into lipstick ?
There are quite a few alternatives on the market so maybe one of the following will be better suited to you...
There are now intense lipglosses which give a great deal of colour rather than just a tint. MUA have a cheap yet effective version of these.
I actually love lipstains, they give a great deal of colour in a simple application and and they last a very long time. You also don't have to worry about smudging as much.
(^^ the two lipstains in the picture above are NYC Smooch Proof Lipstain, Colours: Berry Long Time 498 & Unstoppable Red 503)
So go out and find the perfect way for you to achieve those sultry red lips!
Stay Blessed

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