Tunnel Vision.

15/07/2013 20:05

So I started this article initially writing about reorganising & unpacking, but thats kinda boring :/ so onto a better topic - MUSIC :D.

Justin Timberlake has been my babes since the good old days of N'Sync, that curly blonde hair & Britney Spears and now he's turned into one fine specimin I can't help but hate on Jessica Biel a lil for being lucky enough to have him as her husband :( ! I wish them the best in their marriage (I mean she is gawj) but it's impossible to put my feelings for him on hold, I mean come on!
Let's just take a moment to admire this beautiful man ...



Sighhhhhh.... he's just too fine !!


Anyway JT, (yeah we're on that level that I can call him JT), not-so-new now album 'The 20-20 Experience' has been on repeat for a couple of months now! He's one of a few artists who's credibility hasn't been compromised, he's still making amazing music that actually makes sense! The lyrics in his songs are actually relatable and meaningful - alot of artists in the industry need to take note. His music is something I can definitely see being timeless, classic through many generations.


JT, has been around for years with many different music videos under his belt - some urban (Like I Love You), some with a story line (Cry Me A River/What Goes Around Comes Around/Mirrors♥) and some just showing off his dance moves(My Love) but none as explicit and controversial as the video for Tunnel Vision.


I first stumbled across the video on YouTube - it was advertised under a song I was listening too at the time. It did say 'explicit' but I was definitely not prepared for what I saw. Having heard the song before I kind of envisioned a video with maybe a telescope or a tunnel or something related to the song LOL - but this is not the case! Before I go into details, check out the video for yourself...




Now intially when I found it, there wasn't an age restriction on it which is probably why it was so unexpected but now YouTube have made it so you have sign in to view it which I think is definitely necessary. Now the question is is it art or is it an exploitation of women? I'm actually in two minds about this one...


At first glance I was definitely not impressed, the rise of male(and female) artists putting semi nude women in their music videos is something I haven't found tasteful & almost degrading especially since so many girls now aspire to be video vixens - to each their own I guess. So yeah I was slightly disappointed at first because JT, especially since he's married now, I thought would rein that in a bit but as I got further into the video I thought this could be classified as art. The video portrays women in a sultry nature, rather than a slutty one, which kind of puts it in a different catergory to the many videos with half naked women. It was as God intended for us to be naked & so is it so wrong for JT to use beautiful, naked women in hs video ? I'm not sure. The female form is definitely one of beauty and I can kind of understand what he was doing (although I don't quite see the relation to the song itself)! Naked art is considered classy and with many still life classes with real life people posing nude in the name of creativity you have to ask yourself if this is simply him using the classic idea in a new way?


I'm always gonna be team JT & so I'm still rooting for him but I think I'll probably stay on the fence with this one. I guess it all comes down to personal taste, morals & political views.


What do you think ? Post a comment in the box below.
Stay blessed ♥


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