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03/09/2013 21:09
Hey Guys , unfortunately I've had to relocate my blog due to unsatisfactory services from Webnode.  For all you beauties following me of B'Lovin please follow my new blog   HERE Stay Blessed!

Beautiful Bobs.

27/08/2013 17:06
I have to start with a little bit of a rant! Look at those awful ads on my beautiful blog :( It actually makes me upset. Turns out webnode has a limit for monthly traffic & mine is exceeding that so it was either the ads or pay to upgrade to premium. I ♥ my blog too much to relocate so I'll...

Monochrome Love.

25/08/2013 14:46
Monocrome Love. by sjtx featuring chanel handbags       Black & White. Two opposite ends of the colour spectrum, that when paired together create a striking look. In home decor, interacial relationships and of course fashion - this colour combination...

How To: Leopard Print Nails

19/08/2013 14:11
My best friend is OBSESSED with leopard print & whilst I'm not as dedicated to the trend I do like subtle leopard print accessories & what accessory is better than your nails? Here's a simple step by step guide to getting these ^^^ simple leopard print tip nails. This is what you will...

In Two Pieces

16/08/2013 19:15
Swimwear. by sjtx featuring a bathing suit swimwear     Whether you're going to be lounging around at a beach in Majorca (that'll be me in 3 weeks *does backflip!!) or just headed to your local swimming pools, swimwear is an essential aspect and nowadays it's...

Red Lips.

11/08/2013 19:15
Red Lips. by sjtx featuring a lip sti ck My Lipstick: Lasting Colour Range  by Collection2000 - Valentine. Red Lipstick - a sign of a bold, empowered, confident woman!  Make-Up only recently became something I'm interested in & whilst in aspects such as...

30 Day Challenge.

10/08/2013 18:51
  Being in the middle of Summer, (or maybe at the end who knows), you'd think the hype for getting a summer body would be over right? Wrong! I literally just got in from the gym and it is as packed as always. Now of course there are those people who want to be fit and healthy and blah blah...

Mixing Prints.

09/08/2013 00:59
Gone are the days of matching, colour co-ordinated outfits & it's a miracle that this is the case. I don't know if it was young age or the fashion sense at the time or maybe both, but please tell me why I thought it was acceptable to go out in an outfit comprising of a red t-shirt, black...

Beyonce's HairCut.

08/08/2013 15:11
Yesterday I saw the media go crazy and my instagram feed clogged up because :O :O "Queen Bey" has cut her hair !!!! How can the world be so obsessed with one person it's actually crazy!  I have to say though it does look gorgeous and its definitely about time Beyonce changed her look. This...


05/08/2013 22:34
My Hometown ♥ Though I want to travel the world & be exposed to different cultures and different types of people ... There is no place like home. London is such a diverse city, with a buzzing energy and a rush that makes it so hard to sit around and do nothing. The thing is I didn't actually...
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